This website is for information purposes only. The information provided by Alto Construction on its site is offered "as is" for the general knowledge of readers and is updated periodically by the Company. This website may contain bugs, errors, or other problems.

Alto Construction does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy of the materials used or referred to on this website, or of any materials on other websites linked to this site. Any hyperlink or other information referred to from this site does not necessarily complete, and does not imply the endorsement of, listed or linked agencies or organizations.

Although Alto Construction is at times involved in exploration projects of commercial mining operations, it will never disclose, divulge or make known any information regarding those projects or the companies involved. Natural resource exploration and, ultimately, the development of deposits are activities subject to significant risks, and those risks are the responsibility of the exploration company, not of Alto Construction. Alto Construction is responsible for the safe and timely delivery of services to the contracting organization.

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